Prince E Rickshaw Price and Specifications

Prince E Rickshaw is product under Goenka Electric Motor Vehicle Pvt. Ltd. GEM Prince E Rickshaw contains great Electronic parts, thick check low resistance segments. Batteries are put deliberately to limit misfortune and enhance productivity and give an any longer battery life. The framework would give an expanded battery life and 10-20% more mileage to the vehicle.
Prince E Rickshaw Price

Price of Prince E Rickshaw - Rs. 97,900

Silent Features of Prince E Rickshaw

  • Increased Rear Shocker Performance
  • Wider Space Seating
  • Option for rear glass
  • FRP body much longer life
  • Space for Advertisement
  • Repairing easy in case of accident
  • Warranty on most parts
  • Added Front Glass

Specification of Prince E Rickshaw

No of passengers - 4 Passengers + 1 Driver 

Load Capacity - More than 500kg
Motor Power - 1kW
Max Speed - 25km/h
Dimensions- 2700 x 1000 x 1750 mm
Rear Suspension- Leaf Spring(double-eye with U-Bolts)
Brake System - Mechanical Drum brakes
Max.Braking Distance - 2mtrs
Battery Capacity - ~90km
Colors Available - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

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