Gowel ER+ E Rickshaw Specifications, Features and Price

Gowel is another company which is venturing into green and clean future. It has built various electric vehicles and erickshaw is one of them. Their Gowel ER+ Model has 2 speed transmission, GOS Enabled, music system, USB charging slot. It is completely built in India.

Gowel ER+ Specifications

Motor Type - BLDC
Motor Rating  - 48V 1000W
Differential - 33''(Two Speed)
Controller Rating - 48V 50A (24 Tube)
Throttle - Constant Voltage Type 
Charger Output Voltage - DC, 48 V
Charger Voltage - 220V, 50HZ
Battery Quantity - 4 NOS( 2 Rear &2 Middle)
Battery Type - Lead Acid
Battery Rating - 12V /140Ah*4
Front Wheel - 3.75"*12"
Rear Wheel- 3.75"*12"
Brake Type - Double Rear Drum brake
Top Speed - 25KMPH


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